Sectional Garage Door10 Year Guarantee

Beautiful homes often miss the finishing touch ofan attractive, eye-catching garage door that is in complete harmony with your home.

Practicality, reliability and durability cannot be overlooked though. Being secure, easy to operate and safe to use, a great garage door will add value to your property.


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10 Year Guarantee

We give a full 10 year manufacturer's guarantee on the entire door. This Includes the parts that can wear, such as torsion springs, lifting cables, hinges and rollers. The clear conditions that apply to this guarantee are available on request.


Space saving
Made to Measure
Aesthetically Pleasing
Hand made in UK
Reduction in Sound
Verticle opening for shorter driveways
Nationwide surveying & installation

Safety First

Feeling safe in and around your home is important. Therefore, safety is the prime consideration for the construction and operation of our garage doors.

Your garage door must operate reliably for years and be safe and easy to use. Furthermore our sectional garage doors are self-locking.

Spring-break safety device

Our doors are fitted as standard with a statutory spring-break safety device. This ensures that in unforeseen situations the door cannot suddenly close, which could cause damage or a safety hazard.

Anti-lift device

If your garage door is operated by an electric operator, it is automatically protected by an antilift device. The operator protects your door from being lifted by generating resistance when someone tries to open the door by hand.

Burglary protection

Unfortunately, burglary is a common occurrence. Therefore, it's important that your garage door is secure. The locks on our garage doors are inspected and certified by the foundation for facade element quality - SKG. The SKG quality mark is an important security aspect.


Our electrically operated garage doors are equipped as standard with a "force limiter". This ensures that in the event of slight resistance from, for instance, your child or car, the door automatically opens.

Finger protection

All doors in our product range have finger guards as standard. These guards are a statutory requirement that prevent fingers from being pinched between the panels when opening and closing the door.

Sectional Door Designs

High-Line. Elegant Class

For many people, the High-Line garage door provides the perfect combination of durability, functionality and class. It is not without reason that the doors from the High-Line series are the most commonly sold doors in our product range. The series offers a wide range of surface structures and profiles, from modern to classical. Your door is made to measure and supplied in the colour you desire.

High-Line panel range (HL)

Here you can see the different types of panel which are available in the High-Line panel range. The range consists of four types of panel, combined with three panel surface textures.

It is possible to create your own personal High Line garage door, with the different panels available from the High-Line panel range.

Each panel has a unique character, structure and surface texture. In the standard version the door is delivered with a durable white topcoat.

Of course, your door can also be delivered in practically any other colour, so that it is in complete harmony with the other doors and windows in your home.

Wood-Line, from the best ‘wood’

Would you prefer a garage door with an authentic warm wood look? Perhaps you also want a door with the life and easy maintenance of a steel garage door?

The Wood-Line series offers you a wide range of options. From completely classical with cassettes to exclusive and modern. You can hardly tell the Wood-Line panels from panels made of real wood and they give your home a refined, characterful appearance. However, they are as ‘hard’ as steel.

Wood-Line panel range (WL)

The basis of the Wood-Line garage door, just like the High-Line, is formed by 40mm steel sandwich panels with an insulating, fire-retardant foam core (CFC free). The panels have various wood surface textures and tactile embossment. This gives the door the warm feeling and exclusive appearance of real wood. The extra-thick steel skin guarantees a long life. Moreover, the panels, unlike real wood, are more or less maintenance free.

Select your wood look from the options palette here. Timeless and smooth or classical and rustic. The choice is yours. We will manufacture your door to the size and style you desire.

Design-Line. Architectural Statement

Are you looking for a garage door with a special appearance? Consider our Design-Line series.

The steel skin of the 40mm thick sandwich panels used in this line is available in various designs: Umbra, Antra and Nature.

Each has its own character.

From modern and trendy to natural and timeless. With a Design-Line garage door, you make an architectural statement and add a special touch to your home.

Design-Line Umbra

The pronounced pattern of lines and embossment (microprofiling) of the Design-Line Umbra gives your garage door a striking appearance. The Umbra is available as standard in four colours: RAL-9006, RAL-9007, RAL-9010 (white) and RAL-7016.

Design-Line Antra

The Design-Line Antra is finished in an attractive anthracite colour and has an extraordinary texture. It gives the garage door a modern appearance, in perfect

Design-Line Nature

If you are looking for a tranquil, natural appearance for your garage, then the Nature design offers an alternative to the Wood-Line. The extraordinary silver-colouredsurface texture of this design has an irregular pattern division that ensures a fresh and surprisingly natural appearance.

Glazed Aluminium

The Glazed Aluminium garage door is a reliable and durable aluminium door, with a wide range of options.
The Glazed Aluminium offers you the ultimate freedom to create your personal design.
The garage door is constructed from a maintenance-free aluminium frame,which you can fill with a variety of panels and/or glazing of your own choice.
This can give your garage door a surprisingly different appearance.

Unlimited possibilities

The aluminium frame of the Top-Line garage door can be filled with a wide variety of panels. By combining transparent and blank panels, you can create a completely personal style. Both the section height and width can be chosen to optimally match your garage, resulting in everything blending extremely well together.

Moreover, the range of colours that is available for the frame and panels is almost unlimited and can be separately selected.

The Top-Line series offers you the optimum creative freedom. Together, we can design a quality door that, in its appearance, colour and field division is in total harmony with your home.

We have the knowledge, skills and production facilities to meet more complex individual requirements. Top-Line can also be used as glazed sections in both the High-Line and the Wood-Line series. Using these panels, you not only enhance the appearance of your door, but you also allow additional light to enter your garage.

Options and Accesories

Our garage doors can be fitted with the options or accessories shown below.
Of course, all of the options and accessories we offer have been extensively tested for functionality and durability.

Colour options

As standard, all our doors are supplied with a durable white top coat. If you would prefer another colour, that’s not a problem. The range of colours is almost unlimited. We would be pleased to inform you about the extensive range of colours on offer.

VARIOUS TYPES OF WINDOWS Rectangular windows Rectangular windows split into separate panes Round stainless steel windows
Glazed sections can be used in nearly all doors.
Door including three ventilation grills.

Guide-rail systems, the silent strength

A guide-rail system is used for opening and closing your garage door. Just like your garage door, this system is always made to measure.
The quality and stability of the rail set determines, to a large degree, the life of your overhead door. Therefore, we have consciously chosen to use innovatively constructed rails.
The rail sets are manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel.


In order to offer a quality system for every installation situation, we use a universal guide rail system (G200) and two guide rail systems for special situations.

Universal guide-rail system (G200)

All of our guide-rail systems and garage doors are constructed in such a way that the door rolls up and down vertically. The door does not protrude forward, in contrast to a solid tilting door. As a result, you can always use the space in front of and behind the garage door optimally. For the G200, we require a top clearance of 200mm above the door opening. All of our guide rail systems use galvanised torsion springs, which for the G200 are located directly above the door.

For minimum clearance height (G100)

Is the clearance limited for the installation of your new garage door? This does not need to be a problem. The G100 guide rail system only requires a top clearance of 100mm, above the door opening. The torsion springs of the G100 are located at the end of the horizontal rails. Similar to the G200 and the R60, the guide rail system has a very stable design, enabling us to guarantee a long life.

Replacing old tilting doors (R60)

The R60 guide rail system is pre-eminently suitable for replacing an old uninsulated tilting garage door. The system is designed in such a way that no structural changes are required to install the new garage door. The R60 only requires 60mm of top clearance. The R60 is only supplied complete with a electric operator

Side Sprung

This is for single doors which are up to 3 metres wide.

Smart Technology

To allow your garage door to run even smoother and quieter through the guide rail system we have made several innovations.
The 30mm wide rubbers provide a perfect seal.


A good example of this smart technology is our patented Smart-Connection®. The Smart-Connection® forms the transition between the horizontal and the vertical rails. This innovative solution makes the door almost silent and less susceptible to wear.

Aluminium curve

We use an aluminium curve as standard in the guide-rail system. This high-quality material gives the curve a perfect fit and prevents premature wear. This is the best quality solution.

Reliable seal

The garage door must keep out wind and water. Therefore, our doors are fitted with a 30mm wide flexible EPDM rubber seal. The width and flexibility of the seal guarantees a reliable closure and perfectly protects your garage from draught and moisture under varying weather conditions.

Galvanised torsion springs

The torsion springs are a very important part of your garage door. Therefore, we always use at least two and sometimes even four springs for large doors. Torsion springs balance your garage door and are therefore indispensable. We only use galvanised torsion springs to ensure that corrosion does not stand a chance.