Birkdale Valu-DoorsFor openings up to 5.5 meters wide.

Deciding on our system can save you a lot of space inside your garage. To be installed the Valu-Door needs only 250mm of head-room space.
Needing minimal sideroom our door can give you more drive through width. Roller doors open vertically so you can park your car close to the door, ideal for short driveways. Our roller door also provides great strength and security; perfect for large openings. This is backed by tests carried out to comply with European safety standard 13241-1.
The insulated, roller Value-door is a great thermal barrier, Ideal for integral garages. Save on heating and help the environment.

Product Pictures
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Warranties Included

15 Years

Warranty on laminated finish

2 Years

Warranty on paint finish

5 Years

Warranty on Jolly Motor


Space saving
Made to Measure
Aesthetically Pleasing
Security Tested
8 Standard finishes
Hand made in UK
Reduction in Sound
Verticle opening for shorter driveways
Reinforced Perimeter
Nationwide surveying & installation


Tube Motor

Powered by high quality tube motor with an internal manual release and a 7 year warranty. The motors are supplied exclusively for us by Jolly Motors.

Remotely Operated

As standard our roller doors are supplied with two hold to run handsets for wireless operation.


The built in Autolocks are designed to hold the door down tight with a spring clamp device. Each one is tested to withstand 30kg of upward pressure and last a cycle of 10,000 operations.

Insulated Curtain

Our Roller Door is thermally insulated to help with garage warmth. The 20mm thick insulated curtain is ideal for integral garages or garages with bedrooms above.

Internal Manual Override

In the event of a power cut, our internal manual override allows the door to be wound up and down via crank handle and eyelet. This can be upgraded to a permanently fixed knuckle system which is ideal for tight spaces.

Full Box

An aluminium box made up from a 90º and a 45º profile to create a fascia when headroom is limited and a neat finish inside the garage. A full box is required for external fitting. Full Box Fascia Strengtheners are optional for greater rigidity.

Hood Lock

A lockable cover for externally fitted roller doors to secure the manual release device.

Four Channel Handset

Two and four channel handsets can be supplied to operate up to four doors using one handset (two channel handset is supplied as standard) by Jolly Romotes.

Technical SpecificationFitting requirements and roller door features comparison.

Head Room

This is the required space needed to accommodate the diameter of the door as it rolls up and down.
This can be created by using the Fulll Box particularly for under lintel or external fitting.

Fixing Examples

Opening Height- Above lintel fix.

Sufficient headroom the Full Box is not required for headroom purposes.

Overall Height- Under lintel fix

No headroom The Full Box creates a fascia to give the headroom required.
Headroom 300/350 205
Sideroom 70 65

Overall Height- Limited headroom

The Full Box creates a part fascia to give the headroom required.

Side Room

The side room applies to the space which is needed to fit the door guides on both sides of the garage aperture.
The size of the tracks will vary depend on the selected roller door model and their width size.
The guides can be face fixed or fixed in between (seediagram).

Opening Width- Face fix

Overall Width- In between fix

Overall Width- Face and in between fix

If in doubt please ask, we are here to help.

Roller door comparison table

Valu-Door MAXI Valu-Door MINI
Max Width 3000mm 3000mm
Max Height 2740mm 2400mm
Min Headroom required 300mm (up to 2800mm guide height) 205mm
Max Headroom required 350mm 205mm
Min Sideroom 70mm (up to 3000mm opening width> 65mm
Max Sideroom 70mm 65mm
Fixing Option Internal, External Internal, External
Laminated Finish Optional Optional
Paint Finish Standard Standard
Guide Sizes 70mm/100mm/150mm* 65mm
Curtain Slats Material Aluminium - Foam Filled Aluminium - Foam Filled
Curtain Slats Thickness 20mm 12mm
Curtain Slats Material 78mm 50mm
Electric Operation Standard Standard
Remote Operation Standard Standard
Motor Speed 12 RPM 12 RPM
Manual Override Type Crank Handle Crank Handle
Autolocks Standard Standard
Feeding Rollers Standard Standard
Full Box Optional Standard
Hood Lock Optional Optional
Four Channel Handset Optional Optional
Warranty Paint Finish 2 Years 2 Years
Warranty for Jolly Motors 5 Years 5 Years
*Up to 3000mm opening width the guide size is 70mm.
Up to 5200mm opening width the guide size is 100mm.